This is a rare Morley 'Visual' Upright piano in an Art Deco style.
The unusual design is packed with innovations that are unique to this model, and praised by piano aficionados.
The beautiful mahogany casework, virtually unblemished, shows a quarter-cut featured panel to the front.
Both top/front panels hinge upwards and can easily be removed to expose the cast iron 'harp' frame.
The mechanism hides below, and is accessible via the front panel, or by releasing a bolt to the rear, so the piano opens up like a book; hinged to the bass end. 
Action, hammers, strings, frame, soundboard and pin block are all in excellent condition.
The piano has a decorative back panel too, showing a massive rising sun!

The piano has been thoroughly inspected by my technician, serviced, tuned, and passed for many years of future use.

A unique feature of this particular piano is the serial number 10888.
I look out for 888 in a serial number, as it is considered lucky.
In 2009 I sold a piano with 888 in the serial number to producer Paul Epworth, for the emerging Florence (and the machine). 

Here's your chance..... get lucky, and a real conversation piece of a piano that performs and sounds great!

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