Description: This temperature tolerant, miniature orchid is widespread in South-Asia where it lives as an epiphytic in mountaun forests. Flowers appear in spring after a long dyer and cooler rest period and last long. The plant for auction is a blooming size, mounted division. It was recently divided and mounted, not fully established. Great for any collection! Easy to grow!

Shipping: I DO NOT ship internationally and I DO NOT ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico (Phyto and other documents might be required for these places). The shipping cost include Priority Mail via USPS with tracking number, and for the cost of shipping materials and handling. I charge you with around $5. I DO NOT take returns but I’m happy to combine shipping if you buy multiple plants and send you refund if the combined shipping cost turns out to be less than what you paid or exceeds $5.

What to do with your plant(s) after opening the box: I try to dry out the plants as much as I can before shipping to reduce shipping weight and to avoid molding or rotting in the box. Therefore, I highly recommend to soak the plants for a coupe of hours after arrival either in rain/RO or tap water. I would recommend to repeat this step in the next 2-3 days too. The plants are growing mainly in an intermediate greenhouse, so if your temperature is lower or higher, you may want to acclimate them a bit. I sell both rooted and established divisions and freshly divided plants. Obviously, freshly divided plants have weaker or slightly damaged root system, they may need more attention. I always try to describe in the product description if the plant is a recent division or already established.

Weather and heat pack: We are going into the cold season, therefore at many places, I would expect heavy night freeze and even freezing daytime temperatures, so if you are living in a cold winter climate, I encourage you to buy a heat pack for your plant from my ebay, it costs only $3, but can keep your plant “warm” for 72 hrs. I will check your weather forecast before shipping and if I judge that heavy daytime and nighttime freezing are expected, I will get in touch with you and ship a couple of days later.