An Unopened and Unused gift.

  • Easy assemble

  • Mega S provides 3-step easy assembly for your convenience, where all you need to do is put the parts together and fix them in place.
    • Stable Structure

    • The very durable solid metal frame of Mega S contributes to a very stable structure and reduces shakes during printing. This makes it a perfect 3D printer to use in classrooms, dental Industry, architectural design, etc.
      • Titan Extruder

      • Mega S has a titan extruder, which makes printing that much better and precise. The new V5 hot end with a straight-through design provides clogging-free, fast and accurate printing.
        • Convenient filament rack

        • Simple and beautiful one-piece hanging design feeds the filament smoothly, plus filament storage is more comfortable.

        Box includes:

        • M5x 8 Screw, 10pcs
        • M5x 5 Screw, 2pcs
        • Plier x1
        • Filament Holder x1
        • Filament x1
        • User Manual x1
        • Extra Limit Switch x1
        • Power Cord x1
        • Data Cable x 1
        • Gloves x 2
        • Memory Card x1
        • Card Reader x1
        • Tool Kit (Screwdriver, Adjustable Wrench and Hexagon Wrench)
        • Extra Print Head x1
        • Tweezers x1
        • Shovel x1

          • Easy Operation

          • TFT full colour, multi-language touch screen LCD monitor with a user-friendly UI makes this printer convenient and easy to use.
            • Convenient use

            • Resumes from accidental power loss by just one click, thus saving you time and money. Plus, this printer pauses automatically in case the filament runs out or breaks.



            FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

            Build Size

            210 x 210 x 205 (mm³)

            Layer Resolution

            0.05-0.3 mm

            Positioning Accuracy

            X/Y 0.0125mm, Z 0.002mm

            Extruder Quantity


            Nozzle Diameter

            0.4 mm

            Print Speed

            20-100mm/s (suggested 60mm/s)

            Travel Speed


            Supported Materials

            PLA, ABS, TPU, HIPS, Wood

            Input rating 

            110V/220V AC, 50/60Hz

            Slicer Software

            Cura, Smplify3D, Repetier-HOST

            Input Formats

            .STL, .OBJ, .DAE, .AMF

            Output Formats



            SD card; Data cable (expert users only)

            Printer Dimensions

            405mm x 410mm x 453mm

            Ambient Operating Temperature

            8°C – 40°C

            Operational Extruder Temperature

            max 260°C

            Operational Print Bed Temperature

            max 110°C

            Net Weight