STACK BARREL BUDDY(TM) O/U ACTION HOLDOPENER.  While transporting your Over/Under Shotgun prior to hunting, leaning it against a wall, or carrying it on a sling, the Stack Barrel Buddy keeps your Over and Under double barrel shotgun in a READILY VISIBLE ACTION-OPEN CONDITION, while not allowing it to "FLOP" between being fully open and fully closed!  

It fits into the upper barrel, and is secured around the action/receiver with a Velcro strap.  High strength plastic (Copolymer) construction is lightweight and will not mar the metal finish of your shotgun.

With the Velcro strap inserted through the slot in the extension portion, insert the shotgun shell-shaped portion into the upper barrel.  Close the shotgun action onto the extension.  Resting the butt of the gun on your thigh, wrap the strap around the receiver or trigger guard and secure with the Velcro (see photo).  Strap can be reversed, based on your preference.

16 gauge only.

Notice: The Stack Barrel Buddy is NOT a gun lock!


Sales to USA only at this time.  Free Shipping