HD 660 S2 Hi-fi Open Back Dynamic Audiophile Headphones, Black

HD 660 S2 Hi-fi Open Back Dynamic Audiophile Headphones, Black

HD 660 S2 Hi-fi Open Back Dynamic Audiophile Headphones, Black

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Description & Specifications

Enjoy your music on a completely new level. An intimate, relaxed sound signature combines with outstanding precision and exceptional comfort and now, extended sub bass for a deeply moving experience. The extremely precise yet non-fatiguing sound of the HD 660S2 delivers even more impact with extended sub bass. With an optimized surround, transducer air flow, and coil our engineers doubled the sound pressure at the lowest octaves. You can feel the lowest note on the piano (27.5 Hz) or the kick of the bass drum (45-60 Hz) as if you were there. The relaxed tone and open-back design make this extremely comfortable headphone great for long sessions. With warm tuning, smooth treble, and strong bass, the standard-setter for extended listening is now the standard-setter for extended bass as well.


The HD 660S 2 is a high performance audio product, and requires an adapter to connect to your mobile phone. For an ultimate audio experience, the HD 660S 2 is best paired with a small DAC or suitable amplifier

  • Audiophile sound - The natural, relaxed, high-fidelity sound (8 Hz - 41,500 Hz) offers an intimate listening experience with great timbre and deep, accurate sub bass.
  • 42mm high-performance transducers - Steel mesh damping follows the driver’s geometry to control air displacement for precise sound
  • Vented magnet system - The magnetic yoke includes milled air vents for optimal ventilation to minimize distortion.
  • Aluminium voice coil - Specially developed ultra-light voice coil with 300-ohm impedance for excellent impulse response
  • Open-back earcups - Facilitate the natural expansion of sound waves for a hi-fidelity spacious soundstage.
  • Exceptional comfort - Open elliptical earcups provide breathability and luxuriously comfortable velour pads provide hours of fatigue-free listening.
  • Outstanding build quality - Designed in Germany, made in Ireland, each element is carefully selected to meet exacting standards
  • Detachable cables - Para-aramid reinforced cables with OFC copper ensure signal integrity and a very low handling noise.
  • Ergonomic design - The low total weight and ergonomic headband eliminate potential discomfort on top of the head.


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