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We are Easttop harmonica factory

Advantage of this mould:Airtightness,responsive

The sound is elegant, beautiful, powerful,steady and natural.

This chromatic harmonica has a smooth, rounded surface,comfortable slide

Item no: T12-48NV

12holes 48tones chromatic harmonica with plastic comb. EASTTOP brand.

1. Phosphor bronze reeds.

2. Brass reedplate.

3. Stainless steel cover .

4. Brass mouthpiece with chrome over nickel electroplating.

5. ABS comb .

6.Packing:Harmonica+Plastic Box+Cleaning Cloth

Maintain and clean tip:

Use 70% ethyl alcohol,and spray on the cover and comb,after about 15 seconds,use the cloth to wipe the surface.

No heat,no hair dryer,no sunlight,just air-dry.

If there’s some small things in the comb,you can brush lightly with a very soft brush.Do not use sharp tool,it will damage the reeds.

If you want to open the cover,pls be carefully to save the screw.