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-> We may upgrade in future, where in you may need to re purchase the updated version at a price later if needed.

->Please prefer to buy this Product only on Laptop or PC. and not via Smartphone.

Occasionally, in the tests we have observed that the Download Speed has increased well but at the compromise of Upload speed. However this issue is offset after some time.

Net Speed Blaze Fire App [ Universal Product Code - UPC :880024439686] (Only 1 App Purchase per request form & limited App deliveries per day)

This App enhances your Internet User Experience by using good Technology optimizations to provide you slightly improved Internet Speed and connectivity and in the process a better overall internet usage experience. In effect, this app will ensure you get a slightly increased value potential of your Internet browsing experience. Even if you have a fast Internet connection, it will further improve the efficiency by providing those little extra MBPS speed enhanced connectivity experience and hence realizing better potential of your existing Internet Connection. This App works with Microsoft Windows - Desktop and Laptops only (Windows 10 & 11 Home).
For this App., after purchase, you will be requested to fill a small form with basic PC. Information like PC. Name and Volume Serial Number and revert back. This is purely for Software License generation only. The Order is deemed complete, only after these steps,That's It! , Please relax and wait for the App and License to be delivered to your Email Box/suitable Digital Download(Whatsapp-Mandatory). Please expect delay in responses, which is based on work volume. We Usually we revert within 8-12 hours, but sometimes instantaneously as well. For any clarifications, kindly reach us via the Contact/Reach us Page. We will not be responsible for any non compliance of the above.

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