Silicone Breast Forms Breastplates C-H Cup Fake Boobs Crossdresser Drag Queen

Material:  No Oil Food Grade Silicone

Breast Filler: Medical Grade Liquid Silicone  or Cotton   

Stretching:  Can stretching 100%

1.Soft and bouncy like real female boobs ,jiggle while walk   
2.Thin edge and good stretch, comfortable to wear 
3.Can use make up  

What's the difference between cotton and silicone filler ?
Cotton filled boobs is light weight ,soft and bouncy ,jiggle while walk .can be worn for long time with feel no tired  

Silicone filled boobs have weight and more soft and bouncy like real boobs , jiggle while walk 
Crossdressers ,transgenders ,transvestite,drag queens, cosplay or just for fun.Also for mastectomy women to rebuild a good body-shape  

Package Included:
1 x Silicone Breast Form packed in a sealed box with no description to keep privacy .

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