Slim Harpo - Slim Harpo Rocks [New CD]

Artist: Slim Harpo

Title: Slim Harpo Rocks


Format: CD

Release Date: 2011

Label: Bear Family Germany

UPC: 4000127171290

Genre: Blues

Album Tracks

1. Wild About My Baby
2. I Got Love If You Want It
3. I'm a King Bee
4. You'll Be Sorry One Day
5. That Ain't Your Business
6. Buzz Me Babe
7. My Little Queen Bee (Got a Brand New King)
8. I'm Waiting on You Baby
9. Something Inside Me
10. Bobby-Sox Baby
11. I Need Money (Keep Your Alibis)
12. Yeah Yeah Baby
13. Shake Your Hips
14. Harpo's Blues
15. Don't Start Cryin' Now
16. Boogie Chillun
17. Baby, Scratch My Back
18. Buzzin' [Instrumental]
19. Hey Little Lee
20. The Music's Hot
21. Wondering and Worryin'
22. Late Last Night
23. That's Alright (Aka You'll Be Sorry One Day)
24. That's Alright Baby (Aka Don't Start Cryin' Now)
25. Cigarettes
26. Buzz Me Babe
27. I'm a King Bee
28. You Ain't Never Had to Cry
29. I Got Love If You Want It
30. Wondering and Worryin'
31. Rainin' in My Heart

White rock bands couldn't get enough of Slim Harpo's atmospheric harmonica and nasal vocals. This is the music which inspired Canned Heat, Them, the Pretty Things and, of course, the Rolling Stones who revived I'm A King Bee and Shake Your Hips. Difficult-to-find selections include Cigarettes (digitally unleashed for the first time) and Slim Harpo's craziest rocker, Wild About My Baby. But the big hits are here too; no retrospective would be complete without Baby Scratch My Back and Rainin' In My Heart. Small ensemble electrified country blues that really rocks! James 'Slim Harpo' Moore (1924-1970) crammed a great deal into his 45 years. One of the biggest Southern blues stars of the '50s, Slim Harpo appealed to rockabillies of all generations. Sun artist Warren Smith covered I Got Love If You Want It while Marty Stuart revived Shake Your Hips. Rock 'n' roll collectors embraced Slim Harpo's originals and a slew of similarly crisp, pounding rockers on the Excello label. The white blues boom opened new doors for Slim Harpo in the mid-to-late '60s but, amongst the soul and psychedelic movements, Slim Harpo still found time to rock 'n' roll. This collection draws on all phases of Slim's 13 year recording career. As reissues go, his finest up tempo sides are scattered all over the place but this compilation cherry-picks 30 of the best, adding his archetypal swamp blues ballad, 'Rainin' In My Heart', as a bonus. It's the perfect overview of a largely unheralded rocker.

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