parrallel port video digitiser PCB high value parts

You get a printed circuit board made to be a parrallel port digitiser. We have been told it is for the commodor Amiga but we don't have any software or technical details We were planning to use them to convert RGB monitors to composite video (taking the red green and blue signals from the A to D convertor inputs but have no more RGB monitors. The board requires 5 volts and 12 volts on a 5 way pcb pin header it has a phono socket for the composite video input and a 25 way D plug for the output to the parallel port. The circuit board size is 130mm x 230mm.
The following parts are in IC sockets
2 x HY6264LP10 memory chips
1 x 74HC4046
1 x 74HC221
2 x 74HC244
1 x TDA3562A
1 x 06112Qd1 custom chip
3 x MP7682JN or CA3306CE A to D convertor
it also has a DL701 delay line and a 270ns delay line (both soldered in)

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