East End Suffragettes -The Photographs of Norah Smyth.
Norah Smyth’s photographs reveal the little-known story of the radical East London Federation of Suffragettes (ELFS), who dissented from the main suffragette movement to fight for the rights of working women throughout the First World War. A talented artist and organiser, Smyth used her photographic skills to provide images for the ELFS’ campaigns, focusing on local women and children living in poverty. Her compelling photographs offer an intimate record of the ELFS’ activities during 1914 – 18, an extraordinary moment in women’s social history.

In 2018 Four Corners brought Norah Smyth's photographs back to East London after 100 years. The exhibition, East End Suffragettes: The Photographs of Norah Smyth (November 2018 - February 2019) formed part of the UK’s suffrage centenary celebrations and was one of the most popular exhibitions in the organisation’s history. This catalogue was produced to accompany the exhibition and features over thirty reproductions of original prints, alongside new research by Carla Mitchell and Helen Trompeteler. 

64 pages

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