Brand New and High Quality

 Ideal for precision craft and hobby work

 Using high quality stainless steel, more durable than brass

 Suitable for wood, Bodhi, horn, amber, olive, walnut, drilling plastic material


 Type:Twist Drill Bit

 Material: 20 small drill bits are all ground by HSS (High Speed Steel).

 Packaging:  Specially designed box keeps bits in place, beautiful and easy to access.

 Hand Drill Size: 9cm

 Scope of application: woodworking drilling, electronic product repair, home repair, drilling wood, plastic products, circuit boards, etc.Special 

Package Content:

 1 x 20pcs Twist Drill Bits

 1 x Hand Drill

 (The drill holder is not included.)

Safety Tips:

 This hand twist drill is not suitable for agate jade, metal plate, drilling hard material etc.

 Please keep the direction of force is always perpendicular, uniformly rotating, otherwise the bit is easily broken.

 Please wear protective tools. 

 Do not use for drilling hard metal materials!