Gibson 1967 J-50 Acoustic Electric Guitar

A rare J-50 sold as a ‘second’ in 1967 - probably to a Gibson factory worker or maybe in the preparation stage for an experiment - A flat shouldered J-50 that was introduced in early 1969 but didn't last long! The only flaw on this instrument, however, is the beautiful aging that comes from an instrument over 50 years old that has become better with age.

The natural finish J-50 is a popular model representing Gibson acoustics that has been in continuous production for nearly 80 years, along with the J-45.

Flat shoulder body with spruce top, mahogany sides, mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard and bridge. A large pickguard with a single ring rosette and a tortoiseshell pattern. The bracing has been scalloped to make it sound like a box since new.

The color of the top of the body has faded moderately due to over 50 years of use, and weather check can be seen on the painted surface depending on the viewing angle. There is also wear and tear on the paint on the neck back, and the wood is partially darkened. The side and back of the body are relatively clean. Since this is an instrument that has been played a fair amount, there are some dents on the low-position fingerboard due to wear and tear, but this does not impair playability.

It comes equipped with The Fishman Rare Earth Blend sound-hole pick-up and the original Gibson case.

Regardless of your playing style, whether it's a pick stroke or a finger pick, this is one that can be used for a long time.

The lightness and crispness of the mahogany body make it comfortable, and it produces a well-balanced and powerful sound.

This is one for players who can enjoy the atmosphere of the J-50, which was loved by Bob Dylan and James Taylor, at a low price.