Wide Application This highly compatible universal battery can be charged with a charger is perfect for many electronic devices in various applications, from electronics to household appliances to model making.

HIGH CAPACITY FOR LONG-LASTING ENERGY With a high capacity, this powerful battery provides a long-lasting power supply that allows your devices or RC models to provide reliable and enduring performance.

Compatible with: DE35 DE38 DE40 DE44 DE50 DE55 DE70 TB202 TM141 TC141 C2 D828 669-3 TB202 TS201 TD202 TD161 TB201 TM201 TM201 02 TC1 41 Yorkoo amphibian vehicle Lenudar amphibians and much more models and electronic devices from all areas

REUSABLE & ECO FRIENDLY WITH SAFETY This battery is durable and reusable due to the high-quality workmanship, which not only saves money but also protects the environment. In addition, the rechargeable battery has protection mechanisms against overcharging and short circuits.

Easy installation and wide compatibility: this battery pack is compatible with a variety of equipment and model making items, making it a cost effective solution that meets many different requirements. With the help of a matching USB charging cable, you can charge the battery with a USB power supply, PC or laptop.

RELIABLE AND CONSTANT PERFORMANCE: Regardless of the application, this rechargeable battery delivers consistent and reliable performance to ensure your devices or model building toys are always ready to use.