Interesting & meaningful: These tarot cards are designed to help both beginners and professional enthusiasts master and use them perfectly. With a more comfortable touch and shuffle experience, you will be immersed in the world of tarot to explore your destiny, bring fun to your parties, and discover personal reflections and card meanings.
Compact And Extra Light: Play with your friends anytime, anywhere with these unique tarot cards that offer a completely immersive experience, unlike standard playing cards. Their mystical designs and meanings will captivate you, and their portability means you can take them with you anywhere.
Discover your destiny: Start your journey of discovery for the need the direction of life, love, or career choice with these tarot cards. Whether you want to explore the past, present, or future, these cards will bring you the charm and power they contain.
High-quality Material: Coated paper with exquisite patterns and colors makes your tarot cards last longer and look more attractive., giving you a very good experience while delightful the beauty of our intricate designs.
Ideal Present for Special Occasions: These tarot cards are perfect as a festival, Christmas or birthday gift for your friends, beginners and tarot lovers. They are collectable and beautifully designed, making them the best gift choice.

Experience an exceptional touch and shuffle with our Tarot Oracle Cards! Unlike standard playing cards, these coated paper cards offer a completely different divination experience. Perfect for exploring the past, present, or future, they're a great gift for friends, beginners, and tarot lovers alike.

Box: (approx.)10.5*7*3cm/4.13*2.76*1.18 inches

Number of cards: 78
Weight: 130g

Due to different light and screen settings, the color of the item may be slightly different from the picture.
Please allow 1-2cm difference in size due to manual measurement.
Pack list:

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