Carbon Nanotechnology Drag Washers - Direct from Ferox Engineering the Original Manufacturer of Drag Washers as smooth as ICE 

Replace the existing drag washers in your reel to give super smooth resistance when you are playing the fish. No more jerky drag motion which risks you losing your prize catch.

Ferox Engineering developed the smooth as ICE material to create the smoothest, self lubricating drag for your reel. Nothing else compares!

Lowest friction washers to give a smooth drag action for superior control. No grease required and superior stability in all conditions compared to PTFE or Hard Carbon Fiber washers.

Please choose your fishing reel model from the list and how many spools you wish to modify. EACH SET HAS ENOUGH WASHERS TO MODIFY ONE SPOOL

  • ULTEGRA CI4+ XTC 14000    - ULTCI414000XTC
  • ULTEGRA CI4+ XTC 5500      - ULTC145500XTC
  • ULTEGRA CI4 XTA 14000      - ULTCI414000XTA
  • ULTEGRA CI4 XTA 5500        - ULTCI45500XTA
  • ULTEGRA CI4 XTB 14000      - ULTCI414000XTB
  • ULTEGRA CI4 XTB 5500        - ULTCI45500XTB
  • ULTEGRA XTC 14000            - ULT14000XTC
  • ULTEGRA XTC 5500              - ULT5500XTC
  • ULTEGRA XTD 14000            - ULT14000XTD
  • ULTEGRA XTD 5500              - ULT5500XTD
  • ULTEGRA CI4+ XSC 14000   - ULTCI414000XSC
  • ULTEGRA CI4+ XSC 5500     - ULTCI45500XSC
  • ULTEGRA CI4 XSA 14000     - ULTCI414000XSA
  • ULTEGRA CI4 XSA 5500       - ULTCI45500XSA
  • ULTEGRA CI4 XSB 14000     - ULTCI414000XSB
  • ULTEGRA CI4 XSB 5500       - ULTCI45500XSB
  • ULTEGRA XSC 14000           - ULT14000XSC
  • ULTEGRA XSC 10000           - ULT10000XSC
  • ULTEGRA XSC 5500             - ULT5500XSC
  • ULTEGRA XSC 4500             - ULT4500XSC
  • ULTEGRA XSD 14000           - ULT14000XSD
  • ULTEGRA XSD 5500             - ULT5500XSD
  • ULTEGRA SPOD                   - ULTSPODXTD
If you have a reel that isn't listed above please send us a message as we are now able to offer Washers as smooth as ICE for most reels.

How to install our DRAG Washers for Smooth as ICE performance.


STEP 1 - Unscrew and remove the spool cap. 

STEP 2 - Remove the spool from the reel. 

STEP 3 -  You will either see some screws on the top of the spool or a wire spring clip. Remove them. 

STEP 4 - Remove the drag washers from inside the spool. Keep a note of the order in which you removed them.

STEP 5 - Remove all the grease off the metal washers and remove all excess grease inside the spool.

STEP 6 - Swap the existing drag washers (not the metal washers) with the New Washers.

STEP 7 - Re-assemble everything back together in the same order which you removed them.