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Ecoshred bed is made by people with an identified social need at Behind The Stable Door social farm in Ireland. By purchasing Ecoshred bed you are helping people into training and employment were their opportunities are limited. Your Ecoshred Bed will come with a personalised thankyou, the more we learn about you and your pets, the more we can share with you. To learn more please watch our video on how Ecoshred Bed is made on our eBay social farm shop front for a closer look at the wonderful people making it for you!

Like many other inspirational sellers, you are supporting  our desire to help people and the planet through eBay for Change!
Ecoshred Litter for Your Critters! Non-Toxic, Absorbent and Fully Biodegradable 20KG Bag 

Ecoshred Litter for your Critters!

Award winning animal bedding Made from factory second egg cartons that have NOT been used for eggs, they fail to make supplier standards because of an aesthetic defect. They have been heat treated in the factory up to 200`F (all bacteria is killed) and have multiple and rigorous safety testing - we use GRADE A packaging waste, the only grade that should be used for animal bedding in accordance with guidance from the environment agency.  This litter has been through a multitude of scientific testing to be an assured quality for your best friends.  We want the best quality litter for your best friends while taking care of our environment.  This is why Ecoshred Litter is non-clumping and not pelletised (pellets require drying processes to make) and clumping litter has been found to be toxic and is hazardous if ingested.  We make our litter to be positive to your pets and our planet, using recycled material with no harsh processing. Thanks for taking the time to check out our Ecoshred Litter and Bed listings!


✅  High Absorbency, The Shred is Designed to Soak up Fluid, meaning you get longer between bedding changes, when you clean out and you remove less. Most small animals can go 18 days between changes if you add a thick enough initial layer, they will stay dry on top.

✅  Our litter is double shredded and put through the dust extraction twice

✅  Better Odour control for the health of your pet and the surrounding environment

✅  Triple Dust Extracted for Respiratory Health

✅ Makes great, warm mulch as a secondary us after animal bedding. Small shred and soiling gives cardboard ideal conditions to break down fast

✅ Safe to be disposed of in your brown bin for excellent compost

✅ Great Fun Colours - Colour will vary

Choosing the Ecoshred range has huge environmental benefits: Saving reusable material from being added to landfill.  100% recycled material, less trees harvested. More biodegradable than other bedding and makes great compost. Can go straight into your compost bin.

Recycled product means colour will vary but we hope you will love the extra funky colours as much as our pets do!

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Preparation and use:
Ecoshred Litter can replace your current litter in your litter tray.  We don't like to advise on how often you should change, we appreciate some people love to spot clean litter trays daily, while others like to leave it longer.  If we can assist you with this please send us a message.  Please also note our Ecoshred Bed is exceptionally absorbent so if you are looking to change from litter training to an absorbent bedding this is also a great option. 
Ecoshred Bed larger shred can also be used in litter trays but it is a bigger shred around 10mm so may not suit smaller trays. However, people love it in conventional hutches and pens as it doesn't move about as much and is excellent for burrowing pets.

Many thanks for reading this and taking the time to understand what you are getting when you purchase Ecoshred Litter. A whole lot of extra comfort for your Pet and a whole lot of extra comfort for you knowing that you have cut down on waste and helped people and the environment when you choose Ecoshred Litter - The ethical choice!

Please also see our other listings in Small animals and Pets where Ecoshred Bed has a larger shred if you have an pet that likes to kick their bedding around.

What is eBay for Change?
We’ve have partnered with Social Enterprise UK and the World Fair Trade Organisation to develop eBay for Change—a programme designed to support the growth of the social enterprise sector. Every purchase from an eBay for Change social enterprise will have a direct positive impact on supporting disadvantaged communities—whether that’s providing job or training opportunities to people who are distant from the labour market, tackling social problems like homelessness and exclusion, or improving people’s life chances, or supporting enviromental action. Be part of the change.
Be part of the change.
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