• The 6 cm-diameter PU castors may rotate 360 degrees around the moving axis. The rubber nature of the castors allows them to glide across most surfaces without endangering them or the surface itself.
  • Compared to a regular mechanism, a butterfly mechanism gives substantially greater stability. To enable tilt-in-space functionality, the spherical tension knob can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise to tighten or release rocking tensions.
  • The maximum rearward tilt that the Duo V3 can make is 155 degrees. Your body is experiencing the sensation of decreased gravity as though you are leaning in space. This function will help you avoid the aches that come from sitting in a regular, non-adjustable chair.
  • We built our base to be as stable and durable as possible. The Duo V3 has a reduced total weight thanks to its nylon foundation, which can support about 10 times the weight of the chair by itself. The nylon base is made in such a way that it improves the chair's weight distribution.
  • A lot of work the highest industry standard hydraulic is SGS certified. It has the highest degree of adjustment and permits smooth 360-degree rotation along its axis to raise our chair to varied levels of user heights. Strong aluminium body makes it extremely heavy duty and highly damage resistant.
  • The Duo V3 is wrapped in the most distinctive Carbon Fibre PU Leather, which feels fantastic and looks fantastic. To promote faster heat dissipation and constant seat cooling, cutting-edge breathable Italian elastic cloth was used in the chair's construction. This allows you to work or play at your peak efficiency.
  • We have developed the skills necessary to provide a seamless cover for the chair body. Traditionally, skin is placed over foam before it is put to a chair frame. Although the procedure is significantly easier, it could result in creases and an uneven surface. Compromise on quality is not an option at TTRacing. Prior to putting it to the chair frame, we blended our premium cold cure foam with our premium faux leather. With no minor creases, the fit between the foam, skin, and frame is perfect due to this orientation. Bonded imitation leather offers the best value for quality and is also more practical (as opposed to hot real leather chairs).
  • We take satisfaction in referring to the Duo V3 as the best entry-level gaming chair available. The brand-new Duo V3 has a spotless facelift and is outfitted with parts of the highest calibre. The Duo V3 can accommodate the majority of users because to its larger and taller body and seat, which equalises comfort and enjoyment while using this masterpiece. All-new Carbon Fibre PU leather has been used to cover the surface. Additionally, to promote airflow and hasten heat dissipation, the body and seat are made of breathable Italian elastic cloth. It is intended for you to treat anyone seated on this throne in addition to simply yourself.
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