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Now that the 1% have been dealt with.


A Stainless Steel KITCHNTABLE Brand Santoku Hollow Ground Kitchen Knife, has a Full Tang with Three Pinned Sided Black Composite Constructed Handle Plates, with a Straight Hollow Ground Edge which is 17.5cm or about 6.75" and overall is 29.5cm long or just over 11.5" long, weighs in total 150g, does have light scratches, slight rub wear, light surface marks, has possible slight tiny blemishes and dirt residue, is being sold as a 2nd Hand item, and may have wear from use, age and poor storage, as per photographs and are part of description which may differ slightly to actual colour due to lighting and exposure of camera, are otherwise in good condition, does have slight wear from age, use and poor storage, is possibly in need of a detailed clean, conditioning or slight refurbishment if desired.
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