Our Eco-Shilajit is genuine 100% shilajit mineral pitch resin derived from mumie rocks developed under the ideal conditions and is harvested in the ecologically clean regions of the Siberian Altai Mountains. After that, the mineral pitch substance is processed and purified with modern equipment to 100% purity while preserving all the useful properties, making it suitable for a dietary consumption, as well as topical/cosmetic use.  

Directions for use: 

As a dietary supplement, dilute a pea-size amount (250 mg (1/4 g)) of our Eco-Shilajit with a cup of tea or milk and consume 1-2 times daily. 

As a beauty skin treatment, dilute Eco-Shilajit in distilled water (up to 10% dilution), then apply the solution directly to skin, or mix with your favorite moisturizer, skin masque or skin treatment. 

What is Shilajit resin?

Shilajit resin is known in western cultures as mineral pitch. In other regions, shilajit is known by many other names. The most popular of which are mumie, moomiyo, and mumio. You may have heard about its health benefits in ayurvedic teachings. Although, its healing properties are well-renowned in the ancient world. Its reputation as a panacea has been revived and continues to grow in popularity.
Today, shilajit is sold as a dietary supplement. Shilajit enjoys wide application in modern alternative medicine. It has been used as a panacea by many ancient cultures. It is also regularly incorporated in food manufacturing as an additive. 
Shilajit is a rare resource that is not easily found nor restored. Genuine, 100% shilajit resin may only be derived from rocks containing the substance characterized as mineral pitch. These rocks store organic matter, including amino acid bases, from plants mostly medicinal and adaptogenic. A unique combination of factors must be present for shilajit with beneficial properties to be formed. These components together undergo humification, the process that forms mineral pitch. Thus, shilajit may only be foraged from certain regions of the world; that includes Caucasus, Altai, Himalayas, Siberia, and Mongolia. Although rocks bearing shilajit may also be found in places as far as Antarctica. The right environmental factors such as air pressure, temperature, solar radiation and extreme changes of temperature must be present to create the healing qualities of shilajit. In contradiction to popular myth, that shilajit is only found at very high altitudes, high altitudes are not always a factor in the formation of shilajit. The substances must also be ripe enough for optimal levels of beneficial nutrients to be formed. These processes must be allowed to continue for at least 40 years. When conditions are ideal, a mumie rock is formed. This is the only source of real, unadulterated shilajit. Most commercial brands of shilajit are sourced from a substandard form only. This is known as a sedimentary rock formation which is very different from a mumie rock. It only contains remnants of the mumie rock where very low concentrations of shilajit can be extracted.