【Adjustable Shade Delay】This is how long the helmet takes to from the light state to the dark state.
【Sensitivity Adjustment】The sensitivity adjustment adjusts for ambient lighting and the arc brightness.
【Auto-Darkening system】Protect eyes and face from harmful sparks, spatter and radiation during normal welding conditions.
【Super Light Weight】Lightweight / Durable Construction to Reduce Fatigue when Wearing for Long Periods of Time.
【Adjustable Head Straps】Ensure a tight fit so no hands required, leaving hands free for welding.
【Better Clarity, Real Color View】Upgrading the welding helmet with True Color technology,improves visibility and reduces eye strain by minimizing the traditional lime green coloring in the helmet view screen.
【HIGH PRACTICABILITY】High strong PP materials, wear resistant and anti-aging. Battery powered with solar panel technology and CR2032 Lithium battery for longer life (up to 5000 hrs).
【Welding Process】Ideal for ARC, SMAW, MIG(Heavy), MIG (Light), GTAW, SAW, PAC, PAW Plasma welding processes and many others, but cannot be used for Auto-gen or Laser welding.
【Ginour welding mask effect】
1) Eye Protection: double filter to prevent harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation generated by the arc, as well as damage to the eyes caused by welding glare, to prevent electric ophthalmia.
2) Face protection: effectively prevent splashes and harmful bodies from work on the face and reduce the occurrence of skin burns.

Solar Powered: Yes
Auto-Darkening: Yes
Helmet Material: PP
Power Supply: Lithium Battery + Solar Cells (>5000 welding hours)
Battery Type: CR2032
Filter cassette size:110x90x8,5mm(4.33x3.54x0.33)
View window size:92x42mm(3.601.65).
UV/IP protection:up to shade DIN 16
Clear state Shade No:DIN 16
Dark state Shde No:DIN9(8) DIN13(12) stepless adjustment
Power supply: solar cells,No battery change requited
Power on/off:Fully automatic
Response time:
1) Clear to dark:s 1/20000S
2) Dark to Clear:0.2-0.35S
Work temperaturs:-5-+55℃ (23-131F)
Storing temperature:-20-+70℃ (-4-158F)

1: This Auto-darkening welding helmet is not suitable for lader Welding and Oxyacetylene Welding.
2: Auto-darkening filter must never be placed on the hot surfaces or most place.
3: This Auto-darkening welding helmet will not protect against explosive devices orcorrosive liquids.
4: This Auto-darkening welding helmet will not protect against severe impact hazards,including fragmenting grinding disks,and they must never be used for grinding.
5: Never open or tamper with the Auto+Darkeing Filter.
6: Don't use any solvents on fiters'screen or helmet components.

Package Included:
1 x Welding Helmet
1 x Adjustable Headband
1 x User Manual