Extension hose: The flexible hose can extend up to 23 ~ 63 inches to reach more area. So you can reach hidden corners and high-up spaces.

Mattress Tool:To clean sofa mattress bedding and some other similar textiles.

Crevice Tool:To clean between furniture gaps,corners in house,car and those narrow area can not easily reach.

Soft Dusting Brush:To clean and collect dirt with soft bristle.

Combination Tool:To clean larger substance also can clean dirt.

Stubborn Dirt Brush:To clean the stubborn dirt with its hard bristle sweeping and rubbing.

Easy Connection: Can directly connect to For Dyson V7 V8 V10 V11 V12 V15 vacuum,no additional adapter needed.Each brush equips with quick release button.

Package includes:

1 * Extension Hose

1 * Soft dusting brush

1 * Combination Tool

1 * Mattress tool

1 * Stubborn brush

1 * Crevice tool