Ultimate Convenience
The all-new RockDock™ Ultra has an excellent low-maintenance designThis all-in-one dock delivers a totally hands-free cleaning experience, meaning you don't have to clean the robot after each session.

Safely dries the washed mop and the bottom of the dock with warm air to prevent the growth of mold and unpleasant odors even during wet weather conditions.

The dock keeps the robot vacuum clean by automatically washing the mop during and after each session so you don’t have to.

It automatically empties dust and dirt after each cleanup, allowing you to use the robot vacuum for up to 7 weeks* without changing the dust bag.
*Actual emptying intervals will depend on use habits and environmental factors.

Refills the robot water tank during cleanup for a maximum mopping range of over 300sqm (3230sqft)*
*Based on internal testing carried out on hardwood floors, with a full water tank in the S8 Pro Ultra’s dock, and set to default mode.  Actual results may vary, depending on room characteristics.

The self-cleaning design saves you time and eases the maintenance process by automatically cleaning the bottom of the dock.

6000Pa Extreme Suction
HyperForce® suction has been improved to 6000 Pa*, giving your robot vacuum the power to reach deeper to capture debris and dust trapped between the cracks of hardwood floors and between the fibers of carpets.
*Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer according to IEC 62885-2:2016 / 5.8 standards, using Max+ mode with a fully charged battery. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.

Dual Brush Combo for a Powerful Clean
DuoRoller Riser™ Brush
The all-new dual rubber brushes enhance vacuuming and ensure fewer hair tangles, taking hands-free cleaning to the next level. From hardwood to tiles, and even carpets and rugs, hair and dirt are easily swept away.

Double Sonic Mopping
VibraRise® 2.0 Mopping System
The VibraRise® 2.0 vibration modules are twice as effective and can clean a larger surface area. Paired with high-speed scrubbing and consistent pressure, the mop can clean virtually everything from soda to dried-on spills, effortlessly.

Liftable Brush and Mop: 
Auto Brush Lifted: The brushes lift automatically while mopping when the vacuum is  set to “mop-only”.
Auto Mop Lifted :The mop lifts automatically when the robot vacuum is set to  “vacuum-only” or a carpet is detected.
Brush & Mop Lifted: The brush and mop both retract when the robot vacuum climbs over an uneven surface and when it returns to its dock.

Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance
Smart Enough to Stay Out of Trouble
With 3D structured light and infrared imaging technology, Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance system can help the robot vacuum identify and avoid potential hazards on floors, in both bright and dark rooms, bringing you a worry-free cleaning experience.

PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation:
The Best Route, Everytime
PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation system is the brain behind your robot's extraordinary ability. It scans and creates detailed maps of your home to find the most optimal route to clean, leaving dirt nowhere to hide.

Map Quicker, Clean Faster
Experience fast and effective cleaning as your robot vacuum can create a map up to 6 times faster* before the first cleaning task and can clean your daily area 30% faster* when needed.
*Compared to Clean&Mapping mode. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.
*Compared to standard cleaning route mode. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.

Multi-level Mapping System
Have a house with more than one floor? Multi-level mapping automatically recognizes distinct levels of your home. All you have to do is put the robot down. No additional docks or app identification is needed. Up to four floors supported.

Customizable App Features
*Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. 5GHz is not supported.

The 3D Map allows you to virtually and accurately build your house as well as fill it with furniture.This helps you create the most detailed map of your house, ensuring that you get the best possible cleaning.

Smart Suggestions for No-Go-Zones
Automatically detects easy-to-get-stuck places and suggests No-Go Zones to prevent your robot vacuum from getting caught in small spaces. You can also draw Invisible Walls that block certain areas off from your robot vacuum in the Roborock App.

Custom Cleaning Routines
Set a custom cleaning schedule and decide when and how the robot vacuum cleans. Set regular cleaning routines for particular areas in the house, or set the robot to work on demand.

What's In The Box: 
1x Robot Vacuum
1x RockDock™ Ultra Dock
1x Water Tank
1x Mop Cloth
1x Mop Cloth Mount
1x User Manual
1x Power Cable