This 1967 Framus 5/149 Star Bass Guitar is a vintage piece with a red hollow body and short scale size.

It is a right-handed electric bass guitar with 4 strings, 20 frets and is in very good condition. For 56 years old it looks, feels and sounds great, do you?!

The black nylon strings are Rotosound RS88S TruBass short scale strings (65 - 115).

Made from one of Germany’s finest makers this bass guitar has been well-maintained and recently cleaned, serviced and fully set-up. All electrics are working perfectly.

Issues: few.

The Framus logo has come off the headstock exposing the multi-layered wood beneath.

There are some scratches, marks and dings but these are consistent with age and are not serious.

There is an old screw hole on the back of the neck where a previous strap-holder was fitted.

There are two screw holes on the side at the bottom of the body where, I’m guessing, a scratch plate was fitted.

None of these detract from the look or sound however.

Overall, this is a great vintage bass at a reasonable price.