Function introduction
1. Waterproof rating IPX5, not into the water for a long time to rinse, can prevent rain and sweat
2. Bluetooth version 5.2
3. ENC four microphone call noise reduction, clearer calls
4. Support wireless charging, three-color light indicates the charging box power
5. Long life, the use of a full charge state length of about 40 hours, charging box 600mAh, headphones 40mAh (each, use 6-8 hours)

Applicable scenes:

Running, office, driving, fitness, games, home leisure, etc.

Operating instructions:
1. Switch on and off: open the lid that is connected, long press for 5 seconds (during use)
2. Control the volume: long press, click play / pause
3. Switching music: double-click
4. Use Siri: three clicks
5. Call: click to answer, double click to hang up, long press to reject
6. Clear the connection record: first disconnect all devices, and then left and right at the same time long press 5 seconds to shut down, and then at the same time long press 10 seconds to wait for the left and right two headphones are flashing green light, that the connection record has been deleted, and then after 5-10 seconds or so will automatically master from the connection appears only the continuous flashing green light, the device before the connection record to be deleted before reconnecting this device.
Indicator light description:
Power 0%-10%: red light
Power 10%-50%: purple light
Power 50%-100%: blue light
Charging instructions:
1. Charging voltage: DC 5V, power 5W
2. Charging time: about 2 hours
Common Problems:
1. Can't search Bluetooth, can't link?
(1) first look at the bluetooth headset on the light is flashing, no then may not have power
(2) Bluetooth is occupied by other devices, connected devices disconnected, or clear the connection record
2. waterproof, can be used when swimming?
No, IPX5: can resist continuous, low-pressure water jets. Rain can, but not into the water, water is infiltrated over time.
3. After receiving the product, the headset can not open, or the headset has been flashing can not be linked, or the phone pop-up prompt please confirm whether the device is open?
This is due to the problem of insufficient power to the headset, the headset can be fully charged.
4. Only one headset will light up, and the other does not turn on?
(1) After opening the headset box, the headset will automatically master-slave connection, the one with green light is the master device, and the other one without light is already connected to this master device
(2) after connecting the device there is a headset without sound, long press the headset without sound for 5 seconds, the power on will automatically connect on. If the long press or can not turn on that is the headset no power.
Note: Remind to receive the goods first to the headset fully charged before use, beware of headphones in the battery life power consumption caused by the inability to use.

Package Included

1x pair of headphones
1x Charging box
1x Type-C charging cable
3x pairs of earplug (additional)
1x Manual