eufy by Anker, RoboVac X8 Hybrid, Robot Vacuum with Mop and iPath Laser Navigation, Twin-Turbine Technology Generates 2000Pa x2 Suction, AI. Map 2.0 Technology, Wi-Fi, Perfect for Pet Owner

Pet Hair Magnet

Clean up to 57.6% more pet hair with the immense power of the twin turbines.Robot vacuum cleaner with mop

UltraPack Dust-Compression

Debris is tightly packed into the dust box, increasing the amount it can hold by 127%.Robot vacuum cleaner with mop

Extended Runtime

X8 Hybrid cleans 1 m² (10.76 ft²) every minute for up to 180 minutes per charge.eufy robot vacuum

BoostIQ Technology

Smoothly transition over different surfaces and automatically increase suction power.eufy robot vacuum

Perfect for Homes with Petsrobot vacuum and mop

robot vacuum and mop

Robot mop

Robotic vacuums

Robotic vacuums

Multi-Floor Mapping

Intelligently clean multiple levels with AI. Map TechnologyRobot hoover

AI.Map 2.0 Technology

  • Zone Cleaning
  • Pick No-Go Zones
  • Targeted Spot Cleaning
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