Gold Gardneeri Eggs 15 Count! Lyretail Killifish Fundulopanchax

You get 15 eggs shipped in damp coco coir. eggs will be collected and sent out 1 week after purchase.


Fish are fasted for at least 24 hours before being shipped to minimize waste during shipping.

DOA Policies:

1. Report DOA within the first 2 hour of received the package. We’re not responsible for any report after 1 hour time frame. The package DOA policy will be voided NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. Take a photo of the dead fish in the UNOPENED bags.

3. Take a photo of the dead fish in a container with full water.

4. Let us know if you want us to refund or replacement, customer pay for replacement shipping cost.

5. Shipping fees are NOT REFUNDABLE once the shipping label provided on eBay.

6. We don't accept return on livestock. All sales are final.

7. When you placed an order with us it will takes 5 days for us to process your orders.

8. Our responsibilities are to ship our products out on time and safely to our customers that includes healthy fishes, shrimps and packaging.

9. We will not be responsible for services out of our operations such as delayed, damaged, or lost packages by carriers we have no control over their services.

10. DOA policy will be void when package got delayed, damaged, or lost by carriers more than 5 days.

11. It is the customer’s responsibility to track their package and be present when package arrive. Please contact the carriers if you don't receive your package within 4-5 days.