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Learn to calm and steady your emotions simply by sitting back, relaxing and enjoying this unique hypnotic process. Conquer fear, frustration and anxiety while experiencing a peaceful mental vacation.

Each session is designed to guide the listener from 15 cycles per second (cps) Beta to 10cps Alpha in the first 5 minutes of every session. Then each session takes the listener through a series of brainwave trainings from Alpha to 5cps Theta. It is important to understand that from true brainwave entrainment the "frequencies" must be changing every 10-15 seconds. The primary algorithm used is one to train the listener to overcome attention deficit by training the brain to operate in the Alpha and Theta. Then, with 3 minutes left, the listener is guided back to 13 cps lower beta. The complete cycle imitates a cycle of sleep.


The Positive Changes approach is refined by thirty years of service to people eager to break free from the patterned thoughts and behaviors which limit their full enjoyment of life.

It is a natural, trusted and powerful method led by certified Positive Changes hypnotists who will design a strategy unique to you. Your program may incorporate personal hypnosis and coaching sessions, group classes and hand-selected recorded hypnosis processes to accelerate and sustain your breakthrough.

There is no off-the-shelf solution with Positive Changes because your goals and circumstances are unique to you.  Your individualized path is created in collaboration with one of our experienced staff members during your initial, complimentary consultation.

While many clients seek our help to lose weight, manage stress and anxiety, kick a smoking habit, beat insomnia, or improve concentration and focus, we are pleased to create programs for just about anything that may be holding you back.

As you'll find from our many success stories, the result is so transformative that many of our clients return to address other sources of dissatisfaction, as they press toward the health and happiness we all aspire to.