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Completely revised and upgraded with new material!!

An exhaustive, fully illustrated discography devoted to reggae legend Keith Hudson. In PDF format, for use on MAC and PC.

Reggae archivists Vincent Ellis and Jean Scrivener have devoted years of painstaking research to make this the most informative work ever published on the late, great Keith Hudson. Known as the “Dark Prince of Reggae”, Keith Hudson produced many of the reggae stars of the 70’s including U Roy, Dennis Alcapone, Alton Ellis, Big Youth, etc.. He also produced his own remarkable albums including “Rasta Communication” and “Flesh Of My Skin”, etc.. This release, in PDF form for use on MAC and PC, is fully illustrated with pictures for every record. It covers every single, album and EP released in Jamaica, America, and the UK. It also examines his unreleased catalog of songs and Live shows. There are also newly added title indexes so that every song released by Keith Hudson can be tracked down alphabetically and cross referenced with it’s label, matrix, album appearance and rhythm. This edition is the end all and be all of Hudson discographies. An essential reference guide to the works of Mr. Rhythm, Keith Hudson.Over 400 pages, with complete artist and rhythm breakdown, and a detailed matrix section covering all Jamaican releases with information on studio, label and year of release. This 3RD edition of the discography is even more thorough than the first two, with additions and corrections through 2016. 

  • Searchable PDF, over 400 pages 
  • Fully illustrated with pictures for every record
  • Coverage of all singles released in Jamaica, America, and the UK
  • Complete artist breakdown
  • Complete album breakdown, including “live” and unreleased material
  • Complete listing of Keith Hudson produced tracks on compilations
  • Rhythm section detailing every original, borrowed, and adapted rhythm
  • Matrix section detailing matrix information for all Jamaican singles

Note: some typing in the picture gallery above may appear a bit soft or irregular, this is a result of how I had to upload the scans to Ebay, this is not on the actual discography copy.


“Not so much a discography as a way of life for its compilers, I'd imagine, this is a book, a magazine, a fanzine and a history lesson in one very slim DVD volume. Beautiful to look at, fabulous to read, difficult to walk away from, ‘Keith Hudson, An Illustrated Discography’ raises the bar for reggae reading to dizzying heights.”                                                                                                                                     

                                                                           Ian McCann, Record Collector Magazine

“The long awaited Keith Hudson Discography has finally arrived. Put together with scholarly attention to detail it contains a complete run down on EVERY record that “the great producer K Hudson” was ever involved in. As for the originations of the Imbidimts label… words fail me! Truly essential.”

                                                             Noel Hawks, author of “The Lyrics of Bob Marley”     

"I've just spent the past couple of hours exploring ' Keith Hudson - An Illustrated Discography' by Vincent Ellis and Jean Scrivener. It is an extraordinarily deep and fascinating piece of research that I am sure will bring new knowledge to the table for many of us. Highly recommended, even if you're not a Hudson fan."

                                                                    David Hendley, Blues & Soul Magazine writer

“I found myself engrossed in the sheer attention to detail which is included and I particularly liked the fact that there are photographs of all the record labels and LP sleeve variants.It's absolutely fascinating stuff even to someone who has been a fan of Keith's music since the early seventies. I always thought that Keith Hudson was a superb producer of top rhythms and excellent deejay records but when I bought 'The Black Breast' LP on Mamba after reading Chris Lane's positive review in his regular column in Blues And Soul magazine in 1974, I couldn't stop playing the LP.  Within no time at all 'Torch Of Freedom' was pressed on Mamba and I remember dashing home with a copy from Ridley Road Market in Dalston (London) and this convinced me that Keith was such an underrated producer, arranger and singer-songwriter. I know that I will return to spend many hours re-reading the information on this disc as well as using it as a handy reference work. Quite frankly, this is the discography that has set the high standard that others should aspire to, but will no doubt struggle to reach.”

                                                                                             Paul Coote, Reggae Archivist

“All reggae book project tend to be massive project lasting many many years. The reason for this is simply the basic research - charts, labels, and other information does not really exist. For every label documented there are probably ten labels that have no information. Keith Hudson has released hundreds of tunes on many labels - so this was going to involve complex research. The good news is that two reaearchers, Jean Scrivener and Vincent Ellis have done that, and it’s a fantastic job! You can search by artist, by title, by label. Labels, photos of artists, album covers are all included. Its truly amazing.”   

                   Ray Hurford, Small Axe website

“Around 350 pages detailing every single, 12″ and LP release in Jamaica, the US and the UK including illustrations of nearly every different label variation and LP sleeve, details of rhythms, artist illustrations etc. There is even a highly detailed section on unreleased stuff from one off dubplates to planned LP’s that were never pressed. The amount of information here is nothing less than mind boggling. I love stuff like this, there should be something similar for every Jamaican producer of note though Keith Hudson is certainly a fascinating subject and a perfect starting point. The author Vincent Ellis, and Jean Scrivener, whose pioneering work formed the basis of this publication, have done a superb job.”

                                Dance Crasher website

“I can honestly say this is the most thorough reggae discography I have ever seen, miles ahead of any about Lee Perry, and on par with Roger Steffens’ Bob Marley & The Wailers discography. In addition to being thorough, logical, and easy to navigate, the illustrated aspect makes this discography a real joy to behold. Never seen a copy of Johnny Clarke’s ‘Golden Snake’? Here are 3 different versions, all pressed on the Atom label. You don’t own the Torch of Freedom LP? Here are 3 different editions, including a Nigerian pressing. Along the way, Ellis takes time out to explain confusing chronologies and explores Hudson’s links to other music figures. It has all been assembled with loving care, and the amount of information contained here is staggering. In short, this is a must have for any Keith Hudson fan, or anyone interested in roots reggae releases.”

                 Dave Katz, author of “People Funny Boy, The Genius of Lee Scratch Perry”