The LED Stickman Costume

Jump in the suit, hit the remote control to choose any colour and illuminate the night's sky with the amazing LED Stickman Costume - It's a onesie with stitched-in controllable LEDs strip lights that makes you appear like a Stickman from a 1980's Commodore 64 computer game classic. Great for performances, festivals, stag parties, kids, Halloween, and the rest is for your imagination.

The Jumpsuit is battery powered with 8 x AA batteries and controlled by a handheld remote which allows full colour control. The LED's are super bright when the sun has gone down and can be seen from miles away. The suit really does turn heads and gets a lot of positive attention.

The costume is available in small, medium or large sizes.
After purchasing please message us with your size.

The kit contains:
LED Stickman Onesie fitted with RGB 5050 LED strip lights.
Battery Pack for 8 x AA batteries with connecting hoop for a belt (batteries not included)
24 key remote control 

The Neon Glasses in the images are available for £19.99 

Available to sound reactive lights for an extra £30

Delivery times are dependant on the size of the order and level of stock and range from 2 days to 2 weeks.