A classic reissue of the 1st Penetrators 45 that started it all back in 1979 on the Penetrators' own label, FRED Records.  Recorded in 1976, Jack and Spike's two sided hit has never sounded better.  Digitally remastered and released by Washington D.C.'s premier vinyl label, Windian Records.  You're gonna want to powwow with this classic.  Windian promises even more Penetrators classics, and we'll make sure to have all of them.

Classic versions of "Gotta Have Her" and "Baby Dontcha Tell Me" on super loud and danceable 45 RPM 7" VINYL.  Had to get this 45 on ebay before it sold out.  Spike will sell these separately, in quantities, or even throw them in as freebies with any of the other vinyl or CD releases he's selling here at the ebay/fredrecords.com  store.  You will like it and you will dance your ass off to it.  Have fun and keep rocking.  


Brand new and unplayed.  Limited edition.  5 of these are hand stamped with a "Syracuse New Wave" stamp on the front.  So grab them now while they still have that new vinyl smell to them. 

See  Fred Records webpage for further details on our CD and Rave Up vinyl releases.

If it's FRED, it's got to be REAL Garage Rock!  If it's RaveUp, it's the finest in Garage and punk reissues.

Glad to autograph if requested.  CD's ordered through amazon/elkag will also be autographed upon request.  

Buy a RaveUp or Slovenly album or CD from me, and get a DropKick EP or Slovenly 45 thrown in for no extra charge.