Premium, single-word, '.com' domain: - a fantastic single-word, eight-letter, dotcom domain name. It literally means "butterflies" in Italian, but it has great associations all over the world as the iconic bowtie pasta shape. Cooking, travel, Italian culture, fantasy, nature, even a children's site - all of these would be great uses for this one-of-a-kind domain name. has been parked for several years with only a minimal place-holder home page, so has no prior associations or search engine baggage - you will start with a completely clean slate. It was appraised professionally by domain specialist in 2015, and the appraised price was considerably higher than the Buy-it-Now price shown here. (Copies of the full appraisal can be provided to serious bidders, upon request.)

Bidders here work directly the domain owner, without middlemen - although we're happy to use an escrow service (even paying up to half their fee) if that's better for you. Always your choice. 

Check out our 100% positive feedback from our 20+ years on Ebay and please contact us if you have any questions at all - thanks! I'm available at {domains at farfalle/dot/com} anytime. Thanks.

Transfer details: full ownership of the domain will transfer immediately upon verified receipt of payment. Domain will be moved to a separate secured account at the current registrar ( and the purchaser given immediate, full access. Transfer to another registrar can  then happen at the purchaser's choice at any time; no holding/waiting period will be necessary.