This catchy five letter .com fusion of the words Hot and Ah sounds like hotter which makes it great fun and incredibly brandable for almost anything you choose. It's also a great name for logo and branding purposes (as pictured)
. This high quality custom designed logo concept will be included if desired in .JPG and .GIF formats and if you have Photoshop Creative Cloud, the editable .PSD file will also be provided upon request. This .PSD file contains no rasterized elements so will allow you to experiment with effects and rescale the image in your copy of Photoshop Creative Cloud with no loss of quality, provided you do not rasterize any of the layers. No numbers or hyphens. A true top level .com domain name (not an IDN).
is registered with and won't need to be renewed until August 2019. Several months of domain registration is included, unlike with some other similar listings where the domain will need to be renewed almost immediately. Renewals and renewal fees are the responsibility of the buyer (currently less than $10 per year with this registrar). A account is free to open and is required to receive this domain. No transfers to any other registrars. A free push to your account will be processed within two business days after I receive your payment and your NameCheap Username. This change of ownership is straightforward, completely free and as much help will be given as you require.

This listing is for the domain name and the depicted logo if desired only and does not include a web site, Adobe Photoshop, a hosting package or anything else. Registrar renewal pricing was checked at time of listing and may vary. The buyer will have full ownership of the domain.

Be for just $349 or make your best offer before someone else fires it up!